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Mohsen Motamedian


Mohsen Motamedian comes over as one of the best professionals in the Real Estate Sector who have proved their expertise within utmost dedication and futuristic vision.

Biography – About Us

Mohsen Motamedian

Mr. Max Motamedian is a resident of California and he was also born here, where he also received all of his formal education. For the Degree in Bachelor of Science in tech, with a focus on biomedical engineering at University Of California, Long Beach, he completed his high school education. He discovered a passion for health and medicine while in college.

Mohsen Motamedian enjoys hiking, watching movies, and travelling in his spare time. He is a well-known philanthropist and has worked with numerous non-profit organisations. At the moment, he is a member of Autism Society as well as the Child Foundation charitable trusts.

Mohsen Motamedian

Mohsen Motamedian


Real Estate Business

Real Estate is the lifeblood of the global economy.

Known Philanthropist

Connected with multiple NGO’s & It is activities.

Reputed Entrepreneurs

Mohsen Motamedian – Most reputed entrepreneur in California, USA.

Professional Career

For example, Max Motamedian symbolized Bashari LLC at the Global Conference in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, the Laser Conference and Exhibition, Dubai World Dermatology, & MEPLAST 2009. Mr. Mohsen Motamedian is the man behind the Bashari LLC. Clients from all around the world are served by this real estate firm.

When Max decided to start his own company in 2008 he named it Bashari LLC. We are now a cultural icon in the property sector thanks to Bashari LLC. As CEO, he oversees all of the company’s marketing, revenues, purchasing, and distribution departments.

At 14 years old, Max is among the pioneers in the property industry who has made a significant impact. Bashari Group has become the most famous name in real estate services in the United States because of his dedication and talent. To help his clients in light of their specific economic and geographic circumstances, Bashari LLC enlisted the services of some of the best business minds in his network.

Max Motamedian

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