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Mohsen Motamedian

Mr. Max Motamedian is a native of California, where he also received all of his formal education. For the Degree of Bachelor of science in electronics, along with an emphasis on biomedical engineering at University Of California, Long Beach, he completed his high school education. His interest in health and medicine grew out of his time in college.

His likes and dislikes

Mohsen Motamedian is a motivated learner who enjoys expanding his knowledge base. When it comes to sports and activities during his college years, he’s always willing to try new things, as long as they benefit his experience.

He’s a well-known philanthropist because he’s a well-known entrepreneur who always helps and understands the needs of others. He belongs to a number of non-governmental organizations, including the Autism Society & the Child Foundation.

His career development and recognition of Mohsen Motamedian USA

While working as a social media marketer as well as real estate agent in the start of his career, Max developed his skills and ability to make quick decisions. His sales and purchasing abilities were sharpened as a result of his work in the real estate industry and in the sales department. After that, Mohsen Motamedian sold his shares in Bashari LLC, a well-known business.

Since 2008, the company has been manufacturing vitamins and supplements. In the beginning, Bashari LLC started by performing a comprehensive health assessment on each of its customers, which included making a list of significant findings and making a diagnostic determination.

Bashari group has become the most popular name in delivering leading healthcare goods and services across the United States thanks to his commitment and talent. To help you get the best supplements to support your health and development, they’ve enlisted some of the best health professionals.

While working for Bashari LLC, Max Motamedian USA made it a point to attend medical conferences all over the world. When the world’s leading healthcare professionals convene at conventions and ceremonies all over the world, he’s there to hear the latest updates on what’s happening in the industry.

Aside from the World Conference in Anti-Aging Medicines, Laser Conference and Exhibition and Dubai World Dermatology and MEPLAST 2009, Bashari LLC has been represented by Mohsen Motamedian at most of the key events. Since its founding by Max Motamedian, Bashari LLC has grown into a household name in the beauty and health care industry.

Mohsen Motamedian
Max Motamedian
Mohsen Motamedian

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